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Estonia's Minister for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology says that 5G is essential to safeguard Europe's future as a key hub for international business. EU ministers have agreed a roadmap for the roll out of 5G technology across Europe. The roadmap will provide consensus over the harmonisation of 5G spectrum bands and how they will be allocated to operators across Europe.

Paris City Hall wants to build three bridges over the River Seine that would transform the look of the historic river banks. As City Hall prepares to launch an appeal for designs for three new bridges, the look of the historic Seine river in the heart of the city could be about to make one giant leap into the future.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly automate operations over the next several years in the solar and wind industries and boost efficiencies across the renewable energy sector.

Dubai rolls out Digital Wealth and IoT strategy. Twin initiatives aim to safeguard the emirate’s digital assets and support its plans to become 100% paperless by 2021.

In 2017, Washington welcomed a wealth of new, smart developments: It installed North America's first "intelligent" wastewater pumping system, equipped city trash cans with sensors, adopted five dockless bike-share pilot programs,

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