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London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan, told journalists at the opening of London Tech Week that he wanted London to be the world leader in Smart City initiatives. Sadiq Khan says he wants London to become the world's leading smart city. Speaking at the opening of London Tech Week the Mayor of London said that it was down to young Londoners to create a Smart City legacy for future generations to enjoy.  Mayor Khan reminded reporters at London Tech Week that the UK's capital is home to 745 Artificial Intelligence based companies – more than double that of its nearest competitor, Paris. 

Singapore's Minister of Communications and Information says that his country is ready to lead the region in pioneering Smart City initiatives. Singapore will lead a collaborative network of South East Asian nations looking to speed up the deployment of Smart City initiatives, according to the country's Minister of Communications and Information. Speaking at the opening of the ConnecTechAsia event in Singapore earlier today, Mr S Iswaran said that Singapore would look to share its expertise with its regional neighbours in an attempt to kick-start Smart City initiatives in the region.

Avec un poste de pilotage des services publics connectés, la capitale bourguignonne posera en 2019 les bases de son projet de « smart-city ». Elle mise sur l'open data pour renouveler la démocratie participative et développer un écosystème de start-up. Eclairage, transports, ordures, eau, sécurité... Au premier trimestre 2019, les équipements publics des 24 communes constituant Dijon Métropole seront reliés à un poste de commandement unique, contre six jusqu'à présent. Le centre permettra ainsi de piloter en temps réel et avec une grande réactivité les services publics de la cité. L'objectif : mieux anticiper le renouvellement des équipements, améliorer la coordination des équipes en cas d'incident et renforcer la sûreté publique.

Etisalat of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) says it is planning to launch 5G services in September this year. The telco says services will initially be available in fixed-wireless mode via a home or office modem, with coverage limited to a select handful of locations.

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam told CNBC that the carrier plans to bring 5G to Los Angeles this year, and he highlighted the important role that city governments are playing in helping carriers roll out new network services in some municipalities.

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