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Trikala, in Greece’s agricultural heartland, is an unlikely candidate for a leading smart city – but innovations have improved lives despite the financial crisis.

The 37-year-old is hard at work in the control room of Trikala, Greece’s first smart city. On the wall, nine screens display colourful maps and graphs monitoring the availability of parking spaces, the status of traffic lights and water pipes, the location of rubbish trucks and the town hall’s monthly budget.

The Depuy Synthes facility in Ringaskiddy, Co Cork, which produces replacement hip and knee joints, achieved the ranking for using the technology to make old machines talk to one another. The result has been a 10 per cent reduction in operating costs, and a 5 per cent drop in machine downtime.

An Irish medical device manufacturing facility has been named as one of the top nine most advanced factories in the world due to its use of internet of things (IoT) technology.

“Being one of the early civilizations, the cradle of human being, the source of Blue Nile, and pleasing environment and beautiful geographical structure” makes Ethiopia especially Bahir Dar fit for the project, Kamil said.  “Most importantly the geographical position [of Bahir Dar] most resembles with the city of ‘WAKANDA’ in the film called Black Panther”, he noted.

Addis Ababa August 18/2018 HubCity Live- Ethiopia brings a conceptual master plan to build the real “WAKANDA” in Bahir Dar city of Ethiopia.

In order to connect hundreds of millions of people living in rural villages across the country, India needs to lay over a million Km of additional fibre for its backbone networkWith its 1.2 billion subscribers, India's telecoms market is the second biggest in the world (China 1.32 billion). Despite the phenomenal economies of scale that telcos are able to leverage in the country, India remains one of the hardest markets for operators to turn a profit.

Full-fibre broadband should be fitted as standard in all new homes, the government has said.
The proposal comes as part of a new national telecoms strategy drawn up by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Under its targets, all of the UK will have full-fibre broadband coverage by 2033, replacing the copper wire network that currently delivers the service.It proposes legislation to encourage more private infrastructure investment.

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