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Reliance Jio was the only Indian telco to report growth in its number of subscribers last month, according to an independent report by the Telecoms Regulatory Authority of India.

Kansas City, Missouri, is weighing private-sector bids for an ambitious, comprehensive smart city public-private partnership that will oversee a gamut of next-generation technologies—everything from an integrated data analytics platform as well as support and expansion of internet-of-things sensors and supporting wireless networks.

AT&T said that in the third quarter, it added more than 2 million connected cars to its network, for a total of nearly 24 million. Moreover, the company said that it recently passed the milestone of 1 million customers in the U.S. and Canada “for our retail Wi-Fi data plans for vehicles across our portfolio of global brands,” AT&T’s Chris Penrose wrote in a post on the company’s site.

A new study from Juniper Research found that annual operator billed revenues from 5G connections will approach $300 billion by 2025, rising from $894 million in 2019, its anticipated first year of commercial service. This is an average annual growth of 163% in its first 6 years.


Brussels, 25 september 2018 - Helsinki and Lyon selected as 2019 European Capitals of Smart Tourism by European Jury.

EU announces two cities to hold the title of European Capitals of Smart Tourism in 2019 and recognises a further four cities for their outstanding achievements in: accessibility, sustainability, digitalisation and cultural heritage & creativity.

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