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Fresh from his company's win at the World Communication Awards 2018, Total Telecom caught up with John Naylon, CTO and co-founder of CBNL to discuss the evolution of smart city initiatives around the world.

Despite the flurry of investments being made by the public sector, a new industry report indicates that European governments could be failing to put their money where their collective mouth is there is no shortage of buzz and hype around fibre at the moment, with a host of Fibre to the home (FTTH) initiatives kicking off across Europe.

Reliance Jio was the only Indian telco to report growth in its number of subscribers last month, according to an independent report by the Telecoms Regulatory Authority of India.

Kansas City, Missouri, is weighing private-sector bids for an ambitious, comprehensive smart city public-private partnership that will oversee a gamut of next-generation technologies—everything from an integrated data analytics platform as well as support and expansion of internet-of-things sensors and supporting wireless networks.

AT&T said that in the third quarter, it added more than 2 million connected cars to its network, for a total of nearly 24 million. Moreover, the company said that it recently passed the milestone of 1 million customers in the U.S. and Canada “for our retail Wi-Fi data plans for vehicles across our portfolio of global brands,” AT&T’s Chris Penrose wrote in a post on the company’s site.

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