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UAE-based telecoms giant Etisalat plans to invest AED4 billion ($1.09 billion) in digital transformation, mobile and fibre networks this year, according to a senior executive.

The companies will pursue innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence, IoT and blockchain technologies. Dubai based telco, Etisalat, has signed agreements with four international start-ups to take part in its Future Now scale-up project.

With 2018 rapidly heading toward the rearview mirror, it's time to take a look at what might be coming down the road in 2019.

FierceTelecom asked a few of the industry's top executives to look into their respective crystal balls to make their predictions for next year. Here are their thoughts.



Fresh from his company's win at the World Communication Awards 2018, Total Telecom caught up with John Naylon, CTO and co-founder of CBNL to discuss the evolution of smart city initiatives around the world.

Despite the flurry of investments being made by the public sector, a new industry report indicates that European governments could be failing to put their money where their collective mouth is there is no shortage of buzz and hype around fibre at the moment, with a host of Fibre to the home (FTTH) initiatives kicking off across Europe.

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