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Smart Cities Association just signed the City as a Platform Manifesto!

The Smart Cities Association just signed the the City as Platform Manifesto!

We are proud to join this community and be committed to a shared collaborative plans between organisations and cities. Join us by signing this Manifesto today. Read more and Join!

We love our cities, and the people who make them great. We share a common desire to improve the quality of life for people and the planet, knit local communities closer together, and offer a new economic agenda for local governments by using digital platforms.

We believe that, by itself, technology will not solve the challenges facing cities around the world. We believe that we need a shared collaborative framework between residents, the public and private sector to drive the desired outcome of sustainability, inclusivity and targeted innovation that benefits cities and their residents.

By understanding, adapting and applying platform business model principles, cities can become regional or global knowledge hubs and innovation centres. Cities that do this will become better places to live and be better equipped to manage urban challenges – with more insight, precision and transparency. They will attract talent, create jobs and unleash innovation.

By signing this Manifesto, we are committed to drive this future by adhering to the following principles when deploying city platforms managing the vast reservoir of data offered by sensor networks, enterprises, city agencies and residents:

  1. City platforms must enable services that improve the quality of life in cities; benefitting residents, the environment, and helping to bridge the digital divide
  2. City platforms must bring together both public and private stakeholders in digital ecosystems
  3. City platforms must support sharing economy principles and the circular economy agenda
  4. City platforms must provide ways for local start-ups and businesses to innovate and thrive
  5. City platforms must enforce the privacy and security of confidential data
  6. City platforms must inform political decisions and offer mechanisms for residents to make their voices heard
  7. City platforms must involve the local government in their governance and curation, and are built and managed by the most competent and merited organisations
  8. City platforms must be based on open standards, industry best practices and open APIs to facilitate a vendor neutral approach, with industry agreed architecture models (see below for examples)
  9. City platforms must support a common approach to federation of data or services between cities, making it possible for cities of all sizes to take part in the growing data economy
  10. City platforms must support the principles of UN Sustainable Development Goal 11: Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

This Manifesto supports the use of Open APIs and common standards, such as those supported by the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and TM Forum, which offer a direct path to creating an open, flexible and interoperable city platform model.


Source: TM Forum

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