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With a few more weeks of data on COVID-19's impact on broadband networks, we're starting to get measurable numbers related to the increased usage due to more telecommuters and students being home-bound.

Cisco has stepped up to the plate by throwing its wallet and resources behind an effort to combat the coronavirus across the globe. On Sunday, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins announced Cisco was committing $8 million in cash and $210 million in product as part of its global coronavirus aid.

Separately from Sprint, Verizon is working on its own connected city initiative, partnering with the University of Michigan to test 5G autonomous and connected car solutions.

Sprint tomorrow is opening a 5G-powered testbed in Georgia to develop and evaluate smart city infrastructure and IoT applications within a living lab.

5G’s success is tied to the speed, reliability and capacity of the other networks it will complement and augment, including 4G, but most especially fibre. Almost half of the respondents who work for operators said sufficient fibre is the top critical factor for 5G’s success.

UK operators have outlined their requirements to make Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s demand for full-fibre broadband “for all” by 2025 a reality.

They prioritise four key issues and say that urgent action is required within 12 months if universal coverage is to accelerate.

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