Cities Initiatives - Covid19

Among all the distressing COVID19 news, there have also been reasons to find a spark of light. Amsterdam Smart City is an urban open innovation platform. We connect changemakers around the world who are tackling the most important issues of our time.

During this pandemic period caused by the COVID19 virus that especially affects the chronically ill and the elderly, the City of Barcelona issued a series of instructions of the health authorities and in coordination between all administrations.

Pendant cette période de confinement due au coronavirus, les plateformes d'entraide entre voisins se révèlent très pratiques pour s'organiser et faire garder ses enfants, imprimer une attestation de sortie ou encore faire les courses pour une personne vulnérable.

City of London launched the Stay at Home initiative with a list of instructions and guidance to help people protect themselves and their environment.

Oxford City Council created a community assistance tool to help its people with concern about a COVID19 medical condition to make sure they get the correct help and invites them to visit the NHS Coronavirus Covid 19 website for further information and advice.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is impacting on everyone’s lives and Cambridgeshire County Council is working with their partner district and city councils and other partner organisations to ensure that the most vulnerable in their region are well cared for.

After the coronavirus epidemic erupted in January, on March 16, 2020, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has held an informational event regarding the coronavirus epidemic, which has influenced many countries in the world.

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