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Smart city technology has the potential to transform stoplights, streetcar lines, bike routes, bus rides and about every other corner of urban life. The newest addition to the sensor-laden infrastructure family: the humble crosswalk.

First autonomous shuttle service in France to operate in mixed traffic launched on 22 Sept 2017 in Parc Icade d’Orly-Rungis. The shuttle service will run on a 1.2km route within the business park and will operate till the end of the year.

The Safe Way to Build a Smart City in Seattle
Any city with data initiatives faces the same questions: How much information should the government release, and in what form? Seattle’s proactive but cautious approach could provide the answer.

A glimpse into what is coming for Denver’s future smart city

There isn’t much else to see right now at Pena Station Next, the connected neighborhood where autonomous shuttles will one day transport residents to the nearby RTD rail stop, shops and restaurants.

SAN FRANCISCO–The Chattanooga, Tenn., that Mayor Andy Berke grew up in “was a steel and foundry city. It was dying. Downtown was a great place to take a date because you could be alone,”

Stanford scientists have developed a way to wirelessly deliver electricity to moving objects, technology that could one day charge electric vehicles and personal devices like medical implants and cell phones.

LONDON (Reuters) - Nearly a fifth of the $94 trillion in global infrastructure investment needed by 2040 risks being unfunded if current spending trends continue, the G20-backed Global Infrastructure Hub said on Tuesday.

As the world's biggest cities continue to sprawl with many millions of new people, they'll look to many of the technologies and tactics covered in today's infographic from Raconteur to work smarter - and not harder - for their inhabitants.

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